Eileen Lee

︎ studying art, psychology, & human-computer interaction @ carnegie mellon

︎ product designer @ godaddy

︎ about me

Negotiation Toolkit︎︎︎

A Rate-Setting Toolkit for Female Online Freelancers

Grow a Garden︎︎︎

An Exhibition themed around Plants & Healing

Collabo ︎︎︎

A Vocabulary Visualization Tool for Collaborative Learning

Internet Cafe︎︎︎

A Digital Cafe Space for Spontaneous Work & Play

Postcards for Friends, Lovers, Enemies, & Exes︎︎︎

An International Mail Project for Friends & Enemies

Pet Adopt ︎︎︎

A Human & Pet Adoption Matchmaking App


A Smart Wind Turbine App

Prints, Illustrations, & Comics︎︎︎

Collaborative Work & Prints I am Proud of <3


An Exhibition on Cute Pixels & 144 Screen-printed Cats


Nice to meet you!

I’m Eileen Lee, and I create thoughtful & playful designs.

︎ I did research work at
CMU’s Cognitive Development Lab
& the HCII Coex Lab

︎ Some of my side projects are
A Game about a Bear who Hugs Everyone
A Collaborative Comic on Homelessness
Lunar Gala Motion Design Work

︎ Lately, I’ve been
Playing Inscryption!
Sending riso-printed holiday cards
& Cooking different pasta recipes!

Want to collaborate?

I love to collaborate with anyone who has an interesting idea! Tell me about game jams, hackathons, printing collectives, & design groups.

Here’s my running list of ideas:

- Card Game Conversations on Mental Health
- Cone Dog Franchise
- Print Series on Intimacy & Sexual Wellness
- Dog Art Show (dogs are artists)