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︎ product designer @ godaddy

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“How might we facilitate a local wind turbine company’s services to its customers?”

Windstax is a a local, green Pittsburgh company that manufactures and sells uniquely vertical wind turbines. My team and I created a mobile application prototype highlighting Windstax’s unique turbine capabilities with delightful microinteractions.

2 product manager, 1 researcher, & 1 other designer

My Role
I was a designer who did: Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Microinteractions


Problem ︎

Windstax differentiates itself from other energy companies as a local Pittsburgh wind turbine company. They are known for their unique vertical shape and colors. Our team set out to create a mobile application design that helps WindStax’s customers understand and make use of smart turbine capabilities.

User Research ︎

To understand our stakeholders, we conducted a brief competitive and market value analysis to look into the ecosystem of alternative energy. We noted that WindStax’s customer base focuses on local small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and commercial and industrial projects.

Ideation  ︎

By looking at our value flow between stakeholders, we extracted three main pain points that we can tackle. Naturally, we addressed these pain points with a mobile app that does the following:

We then worked together to create rough sketches of our future prototype, on paper and on Figma.


Our mobile application for Windstax highlights the beauty of the company’s unique color-changing wind turbines and assures customers of quality service with repair and data collection capabilities.

Live Prototype

Try out our live prototype here!